Central Asia
Central Asia
For many years, Jacksonville Christian Fellowship has been involved in bringing the gospel to Muslim Unreached People Groups (MUPGs). This mission emphasis was started when JCF “adopted” the Uyghur people of Central Asia in 1991, committing to do whatever they could to reach this people with the gospel. The Uyghur are Sunni Muslims, numbering over 15 million. They are mostly agriculturalists and traders who live along the ancient Silk Road. The majority live in the Xinjiang province of NW China, but there are also significant populations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

As an expression of this vision, JCF sent Gene Daniels and his family as church planters to Central Asia to work with the Uyghur people beginning in 1997. For the next 12 years

Daniels and his family were involved in helping to start several small churches, leadership training, and community development—all among the Uyghur and other Muslim Unreached People Groups.

Gene is now a Senior Research Associate with Fruitful Practice Research. This task force is a network of missiologists, representing many different mission agencies, who are studying effective church planting in the Islamic world. As a result, the JCF “Central Asia” project has now expanded to include mission research and training that spans over a dozen countries on three continents—all focused on spreading the fame of Jesus across the Muslim world!

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